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Okkur Labs launches towards sustainable open source software

Okkur Labs launches towards sustainable open source software

Okkur Labs is launching with a vision towards a sustainable open source future. Creating the building blocks for our vision of Okkur Labs with a fully remote team of passionate individuals. Working our way through both established as well as our own projects step by step. From idea to implementation to a hopefully thriving community of maintainers, contributors, users and commercial interests.

Enabling maintainers to steward projects in a sustainable way giving them the financial freedom and tools to do so. Preventing them/us from burning out as we have seen and felt with our own experiences.

Not just a place for ideas and projects to strive, but for maintainers and contributors to work and learn with a passion for providing open projects to a wide range of users.

We are glad to have the full support from Rekkur Solutions helping Okkur Labs with resources, infrastructure and their expertise. Rekkur Solutions provides fully hosted versions of our projects using their experiences to take care of the underlying infrastructure as well as providing additional support depending on specific needs.

Besides using our projects extensively ourselves we are launching with as our first user and active contributor.

We are looking forward to all the eager contributors and users creating with our projects. Let us know what you’ve built on Twitter or give feedback and contribute on Github.